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Our Story

Dedication To Service

It is impressive how volunteering to serve an underserved community led to the formation of the Greenleaf Gardens Community Development Corporation. Our nonprofit organization is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. We began our mission partnering with volunteers from the Greenleaf Gardens Extension and Additions Resident Council in SW DC.  With a variety of life enrichment programs and activities, we utilize our various knowledge, skills and resources to help families successfully achieve their goals. 


Since our work began in 2012 with the resident council, we have been proud to witness how our dedication to help those whose are traditionally underserved, positively transform their lives within the community and beyond. To further our culture of service, we decided to incorporate the organization to become a non-profit under the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3). We are the fiscal sponsor of the Greenleaf Gardens Extension and Additions Resident Council and your contributions, monetary or in-kind, can make a positive transformation in the lives of the residents we serve. Contribute to our work by donating or volunteering today.

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