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Our Programs

"Families Towards Progress!"

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Family Empowerment

The Greenleaf Gardens CDC is dedicated to providing underserved families with opportunities to participate in positive and life enhancing programs and activities that aid them in living their lives to the fullest extent of greatness!

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Health and Wellness

Through our health and wellness program, we believe that residents have the potential to make real and positive health changes for themselves and their families. We are partnering with local health organizations to present health and wellness information to residents that can aid them in preventing or alleviating illness, whether physical or emotional.

Financial Report

Economic Development

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and our Economic Development initiative helps to ensure that the families we serve are actively engaged in career, trade or job trainings that can aid them in attaining a self-sufficient lifestyle through sustainable employment.

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Community Involvement and Outreach Initiative

Greenleaf Gardens Community Development Corporation is dedicated to putting the Greenleaf community first. Our Community Involvement and Outreach program provides a much-needed service for those in dire need. In many ways, we are our neighbors keepers. The focus this program is for residents to come together as a community to provide civic information and perform community services to our neighbors within, and outside of of the Greenleaf footprint.

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Greenleaf Homework Assistance Program

Greenleaf Gardens Community Development Corporation believes that family and community involvement in a child's education can reap dividends for the child and society at large.  The Greenleaf Homework Assistance Program provides homework assistance for students who need a little help completing homework. We believe that homework helps any student retain information which leads to an increase in comprehension levels. We must ensure that students in underserved communities are provided the educational enrichment tools necessary to decrease achievement gaps.


Arts and Culture

Our arts and culture initiative is based on the premise that expressing the creative side of our personality can make a real difference in our moods. It is vital that residents are exposed to the arts and cultures of every part of this world. It is especially essential for families to research and know more about their respective background and culture. Here at Greenleaf Gardens Community Development Corporation, we aim to provide the varied art and cultural resources that will enable residents to express themselves artistically.

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